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Want to know what you should do next? I am here to help you with that!

Here’s what to do:
1) Download & Print your own 4 WEEK DECLUTTERING SCHEDULE Calendar
2) Go read about all of the WHY YOU NEED TO DECLUTTER YOUR HOME (there’s a link to the calendar in there too if you’d like to go straight to reading! 
3) BREATHE & KNOW YOU’VE GOT THIS!   And you’ve got me too!! follow here for more tips to take back your house and your time! Instagram👉🏻@fiveandbright.home  Pinterest👉🏻@fiveandbright

Hey there!

I'm Serenity👋🏻, online business owner, printables creator, organization junkie, mama to 5 awesome (busy!) kiddos & married to my most favorite guy in the history of ever❤️! (You can read more about me here!)


Here at Five+Bright, my goal is to show you how you can quickly, simply, and affordably, organize both your schedule + your home to create a life and home you love!! I love to find ways to make #momlife less stressful & more manageable so you can get to the business of having fun with your most favorite people!