I'm not a naturally organized person....

Yes, I know, that sounds a bit crazy considering I'm a Home & Life Organization blogger!!

Here's my story...

In December of 2012, my husband and I found out we were expecting our fourth child. He was perfect and excited, and in the moment saw the blessing that another child would be. 

If I'm being honest, which I will be, I was TERRIFIED!!! Three children (ages barely 1-up to-6) was already so much. I didn't think I could possibly manage another little one. Truly, I was freaking out. 

Fast forward to the end of January. It was time to go get an ultrasound to get a good idea of how far along I truly was. And because we had done this, literally, a few times before, my husband and I didn't feel it necessary that he went. So he stayed home with our three littles.

Chatting with the tech a bit, I shared that this sweet little baby was a bit of a surprise to our family, but ultimately we were excited.

Guess what she said next???

And I quote," well, I have another surprise for you!".

As soon as the words left her mouth I knew exactly what it meant. I looked up on that screen as she pointed out TWO little sweet surprise babies!!!!

**this is the first picture of our boys!!

I laughed and cried as she attempted to finish that ultrasound (it was kinda difficult with my belly moving with my laughter and tears).

But, as much as you'd probably expect that I was now TERRIFIED times TWO - I truly wasn't. 

It was an unexplainable peace to know how meant to be these babies were!! 

I couldn't call my husband on the phone to tell him, I had to get home and see his face in person. And let me tell you, it was PRICELESS. It is a day I will never ever forget! 

Now I'm rambling, and you may be wondering how in the world this relates to organizing.... trust, it does. 

After the twins were born I basically began googling, "How do moms with a ton of kids survive at home". No joke. I did. 

And to be honest, the information I found just didn't work for our family. It was kind of a bust and super disappointing. 

After some time, a "life-changing magic of tidying up" book, and having a friend come over to my messy crazy house, I realized I had to make some changes. 

Becoming an organized person has been a survival tactic for me as a mom of five.

It's an absolute MUST.

So, the idea of the Busy Mom's Guide (aka. Five + Bright) was born. These are the 5 areas that I feel have really allowed me to even begin to manage my big, beautiful, full-sized family! 

But I don't believe that you have to have a bunch of kids for any of this stuff to be helpful! 

What I do know, is that YOU need crazy-simple systems in place, to keep yourself from going crazy - no matter how many kiddos you have (and it all has to be affordable!)!

What exactly is the Busy Mom's Guide???

The BMG are the five areas that I feel, when you have a organizational system, or process for, can really decrease the amount of stress you have in your life. And not only that, can reduce the amount of time you spend on mundane, yet generally necessary, to-dos. Which will, in turn give you more time with those people you love and work so hard to support every single day. 

These five areas include:

  • Time Management (life)
  • Menu/Meal Planning (food)
  • Decluttering & Organizing (organization)
  • Cleaning Routines & Schedules (home)
  • Finances & Budgeting (money)

When you have systems in place for managing these five things, you'll be rockin' the #momlife!

And that is exactly how I'd like to help you! So that you're living life with the people you love, not just managing all the to-do's & the things. 

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