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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Quick question for you.... do you already know what you are getting for your guy for Fathers Day??

I can honestly answer that I.HAVE.DONE.NOTHING.YET!!!!! 

And here’s the thing, my sweet husband, father of our 5(!!!) children does not expect a darn thing. He works his tail off day in and day out to take care of our big family. Although he’s tired, okay straight up exhausted, he’s happy to do it. 

And that’s just one of the many reasons I’d love to spoil him this year. But another is the fact that he knocked👏🏻it👏🏻out👏🏻of👏🏻the👏🏻park👏🏻 for Mother’s Day. 

This man made all of my dreams come true and got me a robotic vacuum (at the suggestion of one of our five-year-old twin boys). 

So I’m feeling some pressure! Totally self-imposed, but still!!

While I’m not totally sure yet what we will do for this special dude, here are some ideas the kids and I came up with...


1. Father's Day Gift Idea: Cologne

My hubby, as I’m sure many guys do, likes to have a couple of cologne options. Here is a couple that I think smell great!! What scent do you love??


Along the lines of smelling and looking good, I’ve always thought these little valets were cute and could serve as a great spot to house all the hubby’s things



2. Father's Day Gift Idea: BBQ Gear

So, these have been around for years, but the hubs has commented on this awesome portable BBQ...


obviously he’ll need some utensils to go along with...


and maybe an awesome apron🤔

3. Father's Day Gift Idea: Awesome Dad Gear

Is it really even Father’s Day if you don’t get him something goofy?? 

Like a rad tie??

Or a killer coffee mug??


How about some stupendous socks??

4. Father's Day Gift Idea: Workout Gear

Fun fact: both my husband and I were college athletes!! And working out was so much a part of our days way back when...

Now that we have a handful of kids, it’s definitely more difficult to squeeze in workout time. But, it’s something we both (okay, mostly him😂) enjoy to do!

This system was such a great addition to our home garage gym and way more affordable than the TRX bands. Plus, the kid’s can use them!



One thing my hubby has asked for is a box. I offered to build him one, but he was a little concerned about that🤔😜! Here’s a great option for a box kit that can give your favorite Dad some more workout options!

 He would also like to add to the free weights that we currently have, similar to these..


4. Father's Day Gift Idea: Relax!!!

Sometimes, okay, A LOT of the times, our weeks are so incredibly busy, and we need to just unwind. Here are a few fun ideas for giving your guy some relaxation time! 


These aren't for everyone, but I know my hubby would think these were pretty awesome!!!



Let's just be honest about something here.... we are getting older. And I think this could help with the back pain 😜!! 


 Obviously, a super cool shirt for lounging around the house is a great idea too!! 



I'm definitely thankful for my husband and the dad he is, as well as all the awesome dads I'm surrounded by! I hope you were able to get some ideas and inspiration to celebrate and spoil your favorite Husband, Dad, Step-Dad, or any other important guy in your life!