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Gift Ideas for Busy Moms

You are busy, you need breaks, heck - you need some magical fairies to help you with all your housework!! Here are 7 Gift Ideas for Busy Moms you can share with your family that will actually HELP you every other day of the year!! 

Gift ideas for Busy Moms


 1. Robotic Vacuum


I feel like this goes without saying, but it WILL change your life. My hubby got one for me for Mother's day (because my 5-year-old remembered I wanted it!) and I have loved that thing every day since! 


 2. Electronic Deadbolt


Yes, this seems like a weird gift idea, I get that. But, tell me, when you are carrying your 43 bags of groceries to the door in 1 trip - how easy is it to open that front door with your set of keys???

This is awesome because you get to set up a personalized code that you will remember and not have to fumble with keys while juggling all your groceries - only to drop the pickle jar on the front porch...!

I also love that if my oldest gets home from school and I'm not quite home yet, he can let himself in without worrying about him losing a key to our house! 

3. Steam Mop

I should stop with the cleaning gift ideas because that's not super fun at all... but I promise, this one is helpful too! 

The thing I love most about this steam mop is that fact I don't need any special cleaners/buckets/etc. Just water. Easy as that. 

And, it actually works really well on our sticky-icky floors! especially after birthday parties and other get-togethers that are full of people and spillable food! 

4. Instant Pot

Full disclaimer - I don't use mine nearly as much as I could for what it's capable of doing! But, I do make a lot of chicken - and this thing gets it from frozen to cooked and ready to be shredded in like 25 min (+pressurizing time). 

Meaning I can throw some frozen chicken in after lunch, and have it done with time to spare before the kids are even home from school! What the what?!! Exciting, right?!!

It also makes the boiling egg process so.much.quicker. I'm a fan, and I think you could be also!


5. Programmable Coffee Maker


Now, I understand that single-cup coffee makers are super fun and quick...but who drinks one cup of coffee?? Not this mom of 5, nope. 

Coffee and office supplies might be my love language (tell my husband!!). And one of my most favorite things to do for myself each and every day is to set the coffee maker to brew about 20 minutes before my alarm goes off. It's a beautiful thing. 

 6. Ridiculously Cute travel coffee mug


Cause we can't take the kids to school without the good stuff! only half-way joking about that. But also, I literally spill coffee on myself unless I am using a travel mug. 

So to get the kids to school, and keep my drink warm, I love to put it in these travel mugs! 


7. Leggings that are Amazing!! 


These babies can take you from the drop-off line in the morning to, if you're lucky, a date night with the hubs and all the life happening in between without getting saggy in the knees! You could even wear them for a couple of days in a row if you happened to not have time for a shower...just sayin'.

My hubby got me a pair a few years ago and I LOVE them - and still have them! They hold up great for us busy mamas!! 

When your hubby asks you what you want this Christmas (or anytime!), send him here! Plenty of amazing options that will be sure to keep a smile on your face!! 

Are any of these gift ideas already on your list???