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5 Coffee Bar Must Haves

Motherhood. It runs on coffee and various other forms of caffeine #chocolate. If you've been perusing Pinterest and noticed the plethora of Coffee Bar ideas - you are probably ready to get going on your very own! Here are 5 Coffee Bar Must Haves you won't want to forget! 

I've been scouring Pinterest recently to see all.things.coffeebar because we are finally doing one in our house! I am so excited!! (I'll share a photo when it's done!). 

Here is a list of things that I think that makes them not only super functional, but super cute!

 Coffee bar ideas

1. Coffee Maker

Obviously a must for your coffee bar! But are you a Keurig Fan or a 12 cup fan?? Ridiculous confession: we have 3 different kinds of coffee makers (but we use them all for various reasons!)


2. Canisters

Canisters are a must have for your Coffee bar because they can be so versatile!  Use them to store your coffee beans, ground coffee, k-cups, tea, sugar.... I'm sure there's more you can think of! 

I bought these as a gift a few years ago and thought they were so cute (I may have to get some for my coffee bar)!

White Metal Rustic Kitchen Canister


But I have my eye on this beauty...

White Food Storage Jar


so pretty!


3. Favorite Coffee Mugs!

So, this is an area you can go for streamline looks, or eclectic (which is like most of our coffee cup collections!).

We are choosing to use our Corelle mugs on hooks hanging from our shelves, but I think you can go any route with this! 

But how fun are these! I love the HoneyComb design and colors!!:




4. Adorable sign

There are so many options out there... so.many.options. You don't have to look too far to find a super cute sign that fits your decor and personality. Here are a couple that we found that are too cute:


Coffee Bar, Love is Brewing: 


This is me..

No Coffee, No workee 



 and this needs to happen at my house....

Drink Some Coffee, Put on Some Gangsta Rap & Handle it 



5. Fake Greenery

So, here's the thing... I like live plants, I even have some live plants, I'm just not always the best #plantmom! Because of this, we've opted for some fake, but super cute (!!) plants to live on the shelves of our Coffee Bar.

Here are a couple of great options for Green!:

3 Pack Mini Potted



Single Mini (w/ cute cement planter!)



Have you picked your Coffee Bar spot yet?? There are so many fun and functional ways to make a coffee (or tea? or hot chocolate?) bar all yours! You probably already have several of these items at your house, but what other items from this list of 5 Coffee Bar Must Haves do you need to complete your project??


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