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4 Reasons to label your Organization Containers

If you are to the point in your life where you've realized it's time to get organized - like super organized - I am so excited for you! Getting your busy, active, (and maybe sometimes crazy) home organized can be a huge undertaking. But man oh man is the return on that investment of time so incredibly worth it!! 

There's one final step to getting your home super-organized that I don't want you to pass up.

I think sometimes people think it's not all that important. 

But it is, and you're gonna thank me for this later;)

You absolutely SHOULD label every.single.container. that you have used to get your home organized. 

Whether it's a Fabric Bin, a Plastic tote, a mason jar that you can see through anyways - please, please, please - put a label on it!! 

Here are all the reasons you should label all the things:

1- Your entire family will know where things go... Can I get an AMEN??!!!!??

And do I need to even give you any more reasons than that?

It will make doing quick pick-ups around the house so.much.easier.

You won't have to remind everyone 43 times where certain items go. Because they will have a home, and everyone will be able to see their home and read the sweet little label that says it's that items home. 

2- As your littles begin to read, they can help too! 

Just because you have little ones that don't quite read yet, doesn't mean you shouldn't put a label on it. 

Go ahead, label all the things. Because there will come a time when they do all read, and they'll be able to find exactly where everything goes. 

3 - Putting groceries away becomes enjoyable

No more trying to shove things around trying to find a home for the green beans!

When you have decluttered and organized everything into a container and put a label on, putting your items away will be a breeze! 


4 - Everything becomes easier to find

Whether you are looking for a specific type of cleaner in the laundry room or seasoning in your spice cabinet, when you have all your items labeled, it makes it so much easier to find what you are looking for! 

So, if you are ready to get your home in amazingly, organized shape, you should #1) join our Monthly Organization Newsletter & Challenge, & #2) LABEL EVERYTHING!!!! Your family, even the littles who aren't quite readers, will be able to easily help keep your home picked up (praise), putting all those groceries away is actually easy, and you won't waste time trying to find exactly what you need! 

Labels are life!!


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