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7 Unexpected organization items you didn’t know you needed!

 Everyone loves the idea of getting organized, but don’t always know what to organize their items in. Here is a list of 7 random, somewhat unexpected items that you can use to help organize your home! 


1. Peel & Stick Floor Tiles

If you have white wire shelves in your pantry, this one is for you!! The wire shelving units are great because they are affordable. But they’re also kind of a pain in the you know what!!

The tip to making them beautiful and organized?? Peel & Stick Floor tiles!! They’ll be nice and sturdy, come in a variety of designs, and best of all? They won’t allow your items to fall through the shelves!!


2) Kitchen Utensil organizer in the bathroom.

Why would we be putting something in the bathroom that belongs in the kitchen??

Because it makes for some super quick and affordable organizing of the bathroom drawers!!


We use these in the kid's bathroom to organize all of our kiddos’ toothbrushes. It makes it quick and easy for them to put their items away. And that way everybody’s toothbrush has a home... that’s NOT on the countertop!

(I don’t know what it is about toothbrushes being “out”.... but it grosses me out🤷🏼‍♀️)

3. Mason jars 

Okay, I admit, these aren't all that unusual to use for organization. But they are super cost-effective and can turn a messy pantry or spice cabinet into a thing of beauty.


The other thing that makes these so wonderful is how easy they are to find. You can definitely grab some from Amazon, but resale shops and garage sales are going to give you the biggest Bang for your buck on these!!

4. Giant Pickle Jars

Wondering what in the world you’d use these for?!??

Well, if you’re able to grab some glass, gallon size pickle jars, you can have an organized baking center in no time!


They are basically a mason jar all beefed up. But they work wonders when it comes to storing your flour, sugars, or other baking products.

Just be sure you clean them really well so your items don’t smell like pickles!!

5. Clear Office drawer organizers (from Dollar store!)  

You can use them in a drawer or on a shelf. Or even in your fridge holding snacks! 

These things are so incredibly versatile!! You need some!! 

We currently have them in our bathroom drawers, spice cabinet, and soon some will be finding a home in our fridge. Drawer Organizers

The ultra clear acrylic/plastic gives them a higher end look, but for a fraction of the price!! 

**if you aren't worried about spending too much, or just want some delivered ASAP - check these out!


6. Small Fishing Tackle boxes

Sounds so, so weird, right?? But the beauty of these little things is that you can store random items in a completely organized way since they come with dividers for the container. 

Items like batteries, small toys, or even first aid & medicines can fit awesome in these little containers! 


I love the nearly clear ones, but you can get them in a variety of colors to help keep all your small items organized. 

I’ve even seen some people use these as snack holders for their kiddos on road trips!! 

What would you use them for??

7. Extendable Drawer dividers 

These are so versatile and can be used everywhere from the kitchen to your dresser drawers. Thus, the reason they’re on this list!

If your kitchen drawers need some cleanup and clean out and organization, these will work great! They can extend to fit in the drawer in whatever direction makes sense to you.


These would also work great in bathroom drawers especially if they are small drawers. Sometimes fitting drawer organizers in small spaces is tough! But these are a great way to maximize the drawer space that you do have.

And, as I said, these work great in your clothing drawers.  Especially if you are folding your clothes and arranging them in the drawers like files so you can see everything (versus piling the clothing on top of each other).

These extending drawer dividers will keep your “filed” clothes from falling down and becoming unfolded. Plus, you can determine how much width you need between each row of clothes - which I like!! 

You’ve got a list now of several random organization containers. How many do you already own that could be repurposed and used in a more functional way?? 

What other items would you add to this list??

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