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How to “shop your house” for storage containers

So, this whole idea of getting organized is pretty dreamy, right?! Life is busy, kids are everywhere, and you just NEED your home to work FOR you - not against you! 

But you also need to not spend a fortune on (albeit gorgeous) organization containers. Guess what my friend?? I bet you have a bunch of items in your house, right now, that could work to get you organized!! 

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Here's how you can "shop your house" for storage containers, plus what to look for!  

1. Don't throw anything away that could be used as a container for organizing - crazy, I know!! 

This totally goes against so much of what I would say normally, but I'm also super practical and don't like to spend there's that. 

Organization containers, while I adore them and think they can make a space amazing and beautiful and function perfectly, they can get really expensive, really quickly! 

So keep your eye open for the random things that could be used.

Apple phone box for organizing

Apple phone boxes are simple, sleek, fit in most drawers (+ they are nice & sturdy!).

You can also use peanut butter, mayonnaise or pickle Jars once you've cleaned them really well.


2. Set up an area that you can keep these storage containers.

So, it kinda feels like I'm telling you to hoard - Please Don't! That's not at all what I mean. 

Keep things that can be used as an organization container, that are sturdy and strong, but don't get too crazy with it. 

Keep them on a closet shelf, or in your laundry room until you figure out how they can be used. 

If you find, after some time, that you are not using something, toss or recycle it - please😬!! 

I really don't want you to add clutter to your house because of me!! 


 3. Group your containers by style, color, material, etc. 

Say you have 5 clear bins and 3 blue bins. Organize those items together by color.

Use the containers that are similar in one space and items of another color in another. 

**bins pictured above are from Dollar Tree, Labels can be found here**

If you have a few blue bins, use those in a separate space from your clear bins.  

Your space will look more organized if you can make your organization containers streamlined and similar in one particular area.

Containers to look for:

  • Jars with lids (glass)
  • Jars with lids (plastic)
  • Wicker Baskets
  • Wire Baskets
  • Fabric Bins
  • Plastic Bins
  • Small boxes that would fit in drawers
  • Desk organizers
  • Buckets
  • Totes (big or small)
  • Plastic drawers

Now it's time to go use your newly found items, grouped by color to organize all of your things!! 

Getting your home to super organized seems like a costly, far-fetched dream. But it doesn't have to be, friend! 

As you declutter your spaces, keep all the potential organization containers. Set them aside until you need them. Then you can group them to get an awesome uniform, organized space anywhere in your home. All just by using things that weren't being used to begin with! 

As you start to look at things with organization in mind, you'll see that you've got all sorts of options available to you right now just by knowing how to "shop" your house for storage containers!