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The Best Containers and Storage for Your Pantry Stockpile

Welcome Friends! 

Recently, I began creating a Emergency pantry Stockpile for my large family. With all of the events in 2020 and even early 2021 it became very apparent that we needed a Pantry Stockpile. One of the biggest questions to creating your own emergency pantry stockpile, is "What are The BEST Containers and storage for your Pantry Stockpile?'. So today I'm sharing all the things! 

Whether you've decided to create a food stockpile because of all the crazy from last year, or you just want to have more items on hand, the food storage containers you'll see below are FANTASTIC options to get your Pantry Stockpile up and running (oh, and kinda beautiful too!). 


My Favorite (user friendly) Storage for Canned Foods:

Canned Food Sorters are really a great option - especially if you are creating that Pantry Stockpile. You'll have more than average quantities of certain types of canned food, so you'll want a simple way to store those cans, but also know what you have. These can sorters are awesome for bringing forward what has been in the pantry the longest, and not letting items get shoved to the back, never to be seen again!



Favorite Storage options for Boxed Food Items:

 Boxed items can easily be placed directly on shelves in an organized way with no problem. But personally, I think putting like items in a basket gives you more actual (and visual) organization! I love baskets that allow you to see through them so you know what's inside! Check out these great options:


Favorite Storage options for Spices & Seasonings:

The wonderful thing about seasonings & spices is that they will not take up a ton of storage space in your pantry stockpile - really! But there are couple of different ways you could store these items to be sure they don't get lost in the depths of the pantry.


Since we are talking about building a stockpile, you could use some canning jars to store larger quantities - just be sure to label them!

Favorite Storage options for Bulk Baking ingredients:

A lot of your bulk baking ingredients are likely to come in bags that could easily get broken (or broken into - eww - by little pests). So I would recommend using some sort of container that can store those big quantities of things that you do need more of. Here are a couple of great choices:




Favorite Storage options for Drink mixes:

We don't have a ton of drink mix items, but I do think that these would be great items to stockpile (especially something with electrolytes for that emergency food stockpile!). This is where you can definitely get away with small containers - go for something you can easily see in to know what you have! And since some drink packets can be small, choose something that they won't fall through.




Favorite Storage options for Chips/Crackers:

While I'm a huge fan of wire storage baskets and anything that helps you see what you actually have - I'm equally a fan of keeping unsightly items tucked away. Chip bags and cracker boxes included! So, I'll show you both a great wire option, but this is an area where a seagrass basket or fabric basket does a fantastic job!



Favorite Storage options for Miscellaneous Items:

Here are just a couple more, somewhat random, of The Best Containers and Storage for Your Pantry Stockpile...

We reuse grocery bags for all kinds of things around here (wet clothes, garbage can liners, pet waste, etc.) - but they can be somewhat of a nuisance to store! Love this plastic bag storage container because it easily mounts on your pantry wall!!


Other items I find that are somewhat of a pain to store are things like plastic baggies, foil, and plastic wrap. The drawers in our kitchen can't really hold these items well, but an over the door storage solution for these is perfect!!




Now that you know all of The Best Containers and Storage for Your Pantry Stockpile, I know you are ready to tackle that Pantry Organization project! Don't forget to check out How you can Organized your pantry on the Cheap and How to Pick out the right Organization Containers for more tips to get this done! You'll love your new Pantry and how everything is just so!  Share your Before & Afters below!!

 The Best Containers and Storage for Your Pantry Stockpile