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5 Items to Buy at Thrift Stores to Help you Get Organized

Decluttering and organizing is one of my most favorite things to do in my home. It may sound a bit weird, but having an organized home helps me to relax and feel calm in my home. The problem I run into, that maybe you do too, is that all the pretty organizing baskets, bins, and containers can get pretty spendy really quick! Because of this, I have to get creative about what types of things I store our items in, plus where I can get them. 

Shopping at thrift stores is a great way to grab some cute, fun, and functional storage containers, without completely breaking the bank!! 

Here are the things that I look for at thrift stores and what we use them for in our own home!



I LOVE to use jars in my kitchen because they meet a couple of my basic criteria for storage containers:

The other most wonderful thing about using jars (like mason jars) is that you can get them for super, super cheap! 

And while thrifting jars is a great idea, if you are ever out garage sale-ing, you can probably get even more bang for your buck on jars! 


Baskets are such a fun way to store items. Especially because you can "hide" things inside. Things that maybe you don't want super visible or out.

Also, buying baskets can be so incredibly expensive if they are brand new. So thrifting your baskets can save you bunches of money!

When thrifting baskets, be aware of a couple of things:

  • Look for square or rectangle baskets. These shapes will fit much better on shelves, in closets, or on top of cabinets and maximize the space a little bit better than oval or round baskets. 
  • If there is a fabric liner, check to see if it is easily removable (and washable!)


Plastic Totes

I realize these aren't super expensive to buy brand new. But if you come across a set of matching Plastic Totes/baskets and you are able to purchase several of them at a time, you will likely save money thrifting these over purchasing new.

I would look for plastic totes that:

  • have NO visible cracks, holes, or other sturdiness compromising factors  
  • are a matching set, like 3 or more, to get the best value
  • are either clear (or nearly clear) or white in color **teal pictured above would work great in a bathroom storage area!!** 

When you get your totes home, be sure you vacuum them and wipe them out. Or you could even soak them in the tub with a little bleach if needed! 


 Office Supplies

This may seem like, "what and why??", but hear me out:)! Thrift stores can be a great place to find random organizing items that can help you get your life organized. Such as:

  • leather planners - I love my planner but am always on the lookout to see if there is a leather cover for it. But I'm always seeing other sizes/styles of planners while I'm thrifting. 
  • accordion file - also random, but I got a ridiculously cute one for $2.99 that I keep on my desk and use for my important papers.
  • desk organizers - people are always donating these!! (only grab them if you can actually use them though)

    Small Bookshelves 

    Buying furniture for organizing can get expensive really quickly. 

    But keeping your eyes out for a small bookshelf at a thrift store could help save you lots of money, and more importantly, help you get super organized!! 

    The thing I love about small bookshelves is that they can be used in a variety of rooms for a variety of purposes. They add major organizational value with little investment. 

    A few places you could use a small bookshelf:

    • entry closet for shoes
    • entry closet for winter items (hats, gloves, etc.)
    • pantry for additional shelving
    • laundry room for individual clothing bins
    • laundry room for extra cleaning supplies
    • Bedroom closets for shoes
    • bedroom closets for additional clothing shelves
    • Storage for toys in kid’s rooms

    I feel like there are so many more options that aren’t even listed!! It’s likely that you can find a small decent shelf for the cost of a couple of fancy coffees! What would you use a small bookshelf for in your home to get organized?


    As you can see, there are so many fun items for organizing that you can snag at a thrift store and save bunches of money! 

    What items are you going to look for?? 


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