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Back to School Supply Organization

Having a literal handful of kids means I’ll have A TON of school supplies to purchase this year. While I don’t have their school supply lists quite yet, I have actually already started compiling several things I know that they will need when I order my groceries online. 

Back to School Supply Organization

Regardless of stocking up ahead of time or grabbing your supplies at the last possible moment, you’ll want to make the shopping process less of a headache by compiling all the school supplies you need to purchase into one easy-to-read, organized list. 


Here are 5 quick tips for getting your School Supply Lists Organized and Ready to go for Back to School!:


  1. Gather those School Supply Lists as early as you possibly can! Check your school's website or even their Facebook page to try to get ahold of those lists right away! 
  2. Check to see what you already have. There's a chance that you may already have some of the items in your house! Every little bit counts toward saving money on school supplies - it's totally worth it to check first before your purchase!
  3. Compile all the supply items onto one printable to make shopping as easy as possible!! Grab your printables below to make this step easy-peasy! List out your child's/children's name at the top and list all the items you'll need. Be sure to tally how much you'll need for each child, then add up the total. This will be so much easier than flipping from list to list, hoping you've got everything they need! Back to School Supply Organization
  4. Label the items. Simply use a sharpie to mark each item with the first initial of your child. That way if you are buying supplies for multiple children, you won't double count something. This will also make it easy to check back against the original Supply List from the school.
  5. Group the Supplies by Child. Once you have all the supplies labeled, group each child's school supplies together. Put them in their Back Packs for the first day or into an extra shopping bag to send in with them. 

Hopefully these tips (& Printables can help get you organized and ready for Back to School!! If you have any tips to add, you can share them below!! 




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