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Printable Chore Chart for Kids

One of my favorite ways to get my kiddos organized to help around the house is by using a Printable Chore Chart for Kids. It's simple, easy to track, and allows me to not have to nag at the kids all day. Just a quick look towards their clipboards reminds them of their expectations for the day!

Printable Chore Chart

This Printable Chore Chart is not just Printable my friend, this Chore Chart is also editable. While many "editable" PDFs allow you to type into text boxes, they also limit what you are actually able to change within the document. 

This particular Editable Chore Chart allows you to change the Text, the FONT (!) and the Color of the name. You are also able to fill in all lines (if needed) for chores, and change the colors of the days of the week circles to suit the taste of each of your kiddos. You could also use this as an Editable + Printable Checklist for yourself! 

Printable Chore Chart for Kids


These Editable + Printable Chore Charts are a great way to implement whatever Chore System your family uses. But if you are looking for a system to try, check out how our family uses these printables and the Chore System we use with our five children. 

 We also laminate our kiddos Chore Charts and put them on clipboards in a basket in our kitchen - it makes them super easy to remember since they are not out sight!

Hopefully these Printable Chore Charts for Kids will be helpful to get your kiddos on board to help you around the House. Let us know below how you get your kids to help around the house!



The Best Items for Printing Planners and Checklists at Home

When it comes to printing your own planners at home, not all paper is created equal.  And that goes for price points of paper as well! But it is possible to get a ream of quality paper, for not a huge amount of money. 

This is my favorite paper to use when printing my own planners or checklists at home:


There are 500 pages of nice, heavy enough to not have your pen bleed through, paper that easily prints all the planner pages you need! 

Pens are another item where I am slightly picky...

I love using different colored pens, it just makes seeing what's going on in your planner a little bit easier (hopefully I can get a post up on how I color coordinate various items in my block planner asap!).

 Hands down, the best pens I've ever used can be found right here - promise you'll love them!!


Last but not least, you'll need something to put your planner pages in!

Binders are an easy and inexpensive way to house your planners, and are super easy to repurpose to whatever you need. But.... disc planners, specifically Happy Planners,!

They offer a ton of flexibility and ridiculously cute patterns. And like binders, you can add and remove planners pages to your hearts content.



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