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3 steps to stop feeling completely overwhelmed by life

Organizing my home and family & friend's homes is seriously a fun activity for me. Which may sound like the worst things ever to other people. I love to organize! But I think it maybe makes people think I am a naturally organized person?? Or that I "have it together" most of the time?

PSA: I DON'T, I'm a mom to 5 really fun, active kids.

In fact, I feel more overwhelmed and like life is spinning out of control more often than not. 

Like everyone else has more control over my schedule than I do!

Being the mama of a busy crew means you are likely always on the go. Whether it's an after-school activity, practice, or choir performance, there is no end to your busyness!

And while I know you wouldn't trade all the fun for anything, I know you get overwhelmed too.

And it kind of paralyzes you to the point you are just stuck and don't do anything. Even though there is so much to do. 

This is what I have to do to wrap my brain around all.the.things. so that I don't have a complete breakdown when I start to get overwhelmed. It might just work for you too! 

1. Grab a warm, soothing, drink

I'm partial to coffee, it makes me feel cozy, but tea would work too. Honestly, anything warm and soothing is the right first step towards clearing all those to-dos out of your brain and off your shoulders! 

1a. Take a deep breath

Or five. However many you need to feel a little bit relaxed. 

Try sitting, or laying completely still (I lay on my bed) for just five minutes with no distractions. Just breathing. Calming all those swirling overwhelming thoughts in your mind. 

2. Grab a paper and pen 


List out all the things you can think of that are on your mind that you need to do. Everything from feeding the pets, to getting the mail, to going grocery shopping or taking on a project. 

All of it!

The purpose of writing all of it out is so that you can get it off your mind (and shoulders). 

If you're like me, even the little things can easily become much bigger in your mind. But shrink back down to appropriate size when you write them out. 

 Take some time so that you can try to get it all on paper, but don't take so long to where you don't finish this exercise completely. Ten minutes or so is a good place to start!

3. Prioritize your list


You can either do this by just numbering all of your "to-dos", or by really sorting them out. 

I'd recommend the latter....

(You can read how I do that to prioritize my weekly to-do list)

Basically, to sort out your list you need to figure out what items are "must-dos", "should dos", and "nice to-dos".

The "Must dos" are items that are non-negotiable. Like feeding kids and all that. 

The "Should dos" are things that are important, but probably don't have to be done immediately. 

The "Nice to-dos" are items that you'd like to get done, but if they don't happen the world will keep on turning. 

If you still have items that aren't classified as one of these types of "to-dos", I'd just delete them completely!!  

Go through your entire list and prioritize all the things. You can easily do this by grabbing the Task Priority Planner in the Resource Library (it's free, just sign-up below). 

Free Printable Planners 

If you are in that crazy place of being a busy family with hectic schedules, and you are just trying to keep your head straight before getting completely overwhelmed, give these things a try.

Grab a warm soothing drink, take a deep breath, and grab some paper to list out all your to-dos (or grab the printable!). Take some time to get the weight of it all off your shoulders. I know you'll be ready to tackle it all soon!!