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7 Habits of Highly Organized Homemakers

People are either naturally organized, or they’re not. The organized ones were the kids that always had their rooms super clean as kids, knew where all the toys were, their clothes were all in the right drawers, and they even helped their parents organize the pantry shelves.

Then, there’s the rest of us... the ones that don’t come by organization naturally. We have to work a little extra hard to get (and keep) it together. Usually, we are able to take care of business, but it might happen at the last minute and cause us to sweat. 

So what is it that these organized people do that we don’t (or at least not all the time)??

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Here are 7 habits of highly organized homemakers (that may be worth trying!!)

 1. A super organized homemaker has a routine or system in place for everything. Especially when it comes to Cleaning

She takes care of all the daily tasks and even manages to do those “extras” like regular deep cleaning of the carpets, bathrooms, and even couch cushions! 

She always goes to bed with a clean kitchen!

2. An organized homemaker doesn't bring extra "stuff" into her home.

She knows how busy her life already is, and doesn't need to add unnecessary items into it. Things that she'll have to manage in some way: dusting, putting away, washing, etc. 

She's careful to declutter often and thoroughly, she knows how precious her time is. Especially if she has young children at home. 

3. Knowing what’s for dinner is never a question she asks herself 10 minutes before dinner time.

There’s always food in the cabinets because she’s taken care of making sure there’s a meal plan in place and she has what she needs for said meals. 

She plans out her meals with time to spare. 

4. Schedules rarely get mixed up because she’s got a calendar system in place.

And she makes sure all the events are written down for the whole family. 

She may use a digital planner or calendar on her phone or she’s got a super cute planner that she takes with her everywhere!

Even her family knows the schedule because she probably made a copy for everyone to see. 

5. She always knows what tasks need to be taken care of each and every day. 

Shes probably got a running to-do list that she works through each day. Checking items off as she tackles the list as swiftly as can be. 

She either keeps her to-do list on her phone or has a super cute printable on her counter. That way she can add what she needs to as soon as she thinks of it - without forgetting later. 

6. She wakes early to get a head start on her day, probably with a warm cup of coffee or tea.

And probably a little reading to start her day with a positive mindset. 

Because she wakes early, she knows she had to get to bed at a decent hour as well. No crazy late nights!  

7. She takes care of herself (body & mind) 

She knows the demands of this crazy busy job called motherhood, so she is sure to take care of herself. 

She knows she can't be helpful or nurturing to her family if she hasn't taken care of herself first. 

Drinking water, getting in a few minutes of exercise, or some time for reading are just a few of the ways that help her stay healthy to be able to manage the huge job she has! 


8. She asks for help when she needs it. 

Whether it's making sure her kids help around the house, having her spouse run an errand for her, or setting up a carpool with friends. The organized homemaker knows when it's time to call in some help from reserves. 

Even though she knows she could "do it all", she knows that that will cause her frustrations where there just doesn't need to be. 

Being an organized mom and homemaker doesn't have to be crazy involved. There's planning, of course, but nothing impossible. If you are somewhat naturally UNORGANIZED, what are some things you can do to help yourself get organized??

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