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The Best Phone Apps for Getting Organized

Becoming a mom has taught me a lot. Mostly that whatever I think I have time for, I actually don’t. And running behind is more normal than not.

But I’ve been on a mission for quite some time to make life more simplified, more organized, and more about living, than checking items off a to do list. 

And because there’s so much that goes in to raising babies and managing a home, I’ll take any help I can get!

Today I want to share with you the five apps that I use to keep myself organized (& sane)! 

Office supplies might be my love language, but apps that can help me with housekeeping, grocery shopping, or running my business are a dream come true! 

Here are five apps that are sure to help you!! 

1. FlyLady Plus: this has been the best cleaning system I have found as a mom of five. It’s realistic, it’s doable, and it’s a checklist at your fingertips!! (iPhone app)

2. Walmart’s grocery pickup: I can “grocery shop” from my fingertips🙌🏻 A dream come true!! If I think of something I’ve forgotten, or need to remember to get with our next order, I just open the app, find the products, and add them to my cart! I love this app so much!!

3. Amazon: you knew this would make the list, right? What CAN’T you get from Amazon these days??!! And to be able to order it easy peasy from your phone is ah-mazing! But, be careful you don’t get too crazy! Also, you can manage both your subscribe & save and prime pantry subscriptions - which helps put some of those everyday necessities on auto-pilot so you never run out. 

4. EveryDollar: this is the app by Ramsey solutions and I have to say, it’s pretty awesome! We still plan our budget using my budget planner, but then we enter it all into EveryDollar so that we both know how much money we have in each “fund/envelope”.

If you’re looking for a great (digital) way to track your expenses & get your budget under control- this is it!! You can use this on a desktop as well!! 

Last, but certainly not least!

5. Trello: this is a way to keep a planner, but digitally! I use this in business to keep my work (schedule/planning) organized. I love how visual it is, plus I can check my schedule and task list (quickly!) right from my phone!!

And if an idea pops into my head, I can easily add it to my phone. It takes a little bit of getting used to.  But once you do, and you play with the various features, you’ll love it!!

While I love all things office supplies and planners, there are definitely digital products out there that I love! They help me stay on top of cleaning, grocery shopping, budgeting, and my business! Check them out and tell me what you think!!

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