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How to Use your Grocery List to Save Money

How to Use your Grocery List to Save Money

Today is a great day! Because you are going to learn how to use your grocery list to save money! Yes, you can save money on every trip with this one trick!! 

Don't stress - I'm not going to teach you to become an extreme couponer! That takes some serious time and planning, and today we just don't have that kind of time! To learn how to use your grocery list to save money, you do have to have some idea of your local grocery store prices - it's crucial! 

If you don't have it exact - that's okay! You'll get there!! And I'm going to give you a printable that will make it so much easier. Just click on the picture below and look for the Grocery List Printable in the Printables Resource Library 

Okay, first go grab that printable or grab a piece of paper!! 

Ideally, you'll have a meal plan that you are working from to create your Grocery List to Save Money, but it's okay if you don't. 

How to Use your Grocery List to Save Money Step 1:  Make your actual grocery list

If you've snagged that printable, just list the items you need to get from the store into the related category. 

I like to make my grocery list in the order I shop through the store. That way I'm not wandering back and forth while I'm shopping - it's just way more efficient. 

List out your entire grocery list until it is complete! Easy Peasy - right?!??

How to Use your Grocery List to Save Money Step 2:  List out the Quantity of Each item needed

You may have just gone ahead and done this if you have the Printable Grocery List.  If you aren't using that, be sure to note the quantity on the right side of each individual item - yes, this is part of the money savin' process!!! 

How to use your grocery list to save money

How to Use your Grocery List to Save Money Step 3: Determine the potential cost of your grocery items. 

Figure out the total amount you expect to pay for each line item. On the left side of each line item, write this figure in. 

Do not write in just the price for one (1) of the line items, but the TOTAL amount you expect to pay for all of the items on that line. So, if you are buying 2 gallons of milk write how much 2 gallons of milk will cost you, not 1. 

This dollar amount that you have just written in, is your budget for that line item

This right here is one of my grocery shopping tricks I've been using to stay on budget for YEARS - and I have 5 kids!!! 


How to Use your Grocery List to Save Money Step 4: Stay under your line item budgets!!

This may seem obvious, but it can actually be tricky until you have an idea of what your grocery store prices are on the items you generally buy and have your grocery budget/grocery needs able to accommodate those prices. 

Here's an example: Say you have "budgeted" $8 for laundry detergent on your list (me this morning at the store!), but the kind you'd like to buy is $8.98... what do you do to stay on budget??? 

Well, you stay on your line-item budget by finding something else that's within the budget. For me this morning I ended up buying laundry detergent for around $7. It's not my first choice, but it'll work fine for us. Now, there are special circumstances where this is NOT possible/smart (allergies) and you'll really need to know your store's prices! 

While $1.00 may not seem like huge savings, I still saved, and stayed under budget! And if you do this multiple times within a single shopping trip, you'll find that you'll begin to save, but also get all you need!! 

Other Ways to stretch & save on your Grocery budget:
  • use a cash-only grocery budget (I love using printable cash envelopes!)
  • make your list from a meal plan
  • use non-brand name items
  • pay attention to price/ounce 
  • buy bulk when/where you can

I hope that these tips will help you! And I'm happy to answer any questions you have about how to How to Use your Grocery List to Save Money!! Or maybe you have some great tips for us?? We'd love to hear them!! 


How to Use your Grocery List to Save Money