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How to Remember Important Dates throughout the year!

How to Remember Important Dates throughout the year!

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Many of us mommas have a million dates securely stored in our head: our children's birthdates, our anniversaries, the date the mortgage will be auto-withdrawn from our checking account. You know - the BIG ones!

But what about those other things, the ones that sneak up and surprise us: Amazon Prime renewal, t-ball registration, and all the other ones I literally don't remember right now! Well, I'm here to share a special little secret with you on How to Remember Important Dates throughout the year!


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I'm just going to admit this from the get-go, cause there's no reason to beat around the bush about it!

I DON'T remember all those things.

If I tried to keep it all up in my head, I'd be a complete mess. So I don't! 

Honestly, the thing that keeps my "mom-brain" (the one that has 243 things to do at once) all organized is using planners - it's how I function on a daily basis. And how I manage to keep up with all the responsibilities I have with my five kids & a hubby who's job hours can be very unpredictable! 

So, what planner will help YOU with How to Remember Important Dates throughout the year?

Thankfully, it's very simple and completely uncomplicated! What you need to 

Remember Important Dates throughout the year is a "Dates to Remember" Planner - ridiculously simple name even!! 

I'm not going to leave you high & dry on the Printable front, friend! There's a "Dates to Remember" Printable in my Printables Resource Library for absolutely freeeeeeee!!  

(You'll need to get the password to open up the Library - Just click to picture below and it takes you to an email sign-up where you can grab your own FREE copy of the "Dates to Remember" Printable!!)

FREE Printable Planner Pages

This Free Printable is super easy to use - just add all those important "DATES TO REMEMBER" and use it as a reference each month or week as you are looking at what's coming up! And if you are already a fan of planners - just add those dates into your weekly/monthly planner! 

Other ways to use this printable freebie:

  • Bill Due Date Reminder

  • Birthdays/Anniversaries (instead of a Perpetual Calendar)

  • Subscription renewals 

  • Kid's activity sign-ups


You are welcome to print as many copies as you need. I have no doubts you can come up with several more ways to use this awesome printable!! Feel free to share by commenting below!! 

Don't forget to go get your free copy, but please don't sell or redistribute this printable as your own - thanks!!!