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Prioritize Your Mom Schedule with a Time Audit

Do you ever get to the point where you are so exhausted from your week, but it’s not even Monday yet??

Take back your Schedule with a Time Audit

Being organized, getting ahead of the game, being prepared for all the things is a wonderful feeling. But sometimes, all those things that you are responsible for, begin to be more than it feels like you can even handle. 

What to do, right?

Can I be a little open and honest about something right now? I am way more stressed about the upcoming week than I’d like to be. There are to-do’s on my plate that I’m not entirely sure I want to be there... 

But the reality is: THEY ARE. For now at least... 

So I’m sharing my plan on how I'm going to get past the 'it's not even Monday (and I want to cry and give up already)' feeling. Maybe it can help you if you are in the same boat??

Prioritize Your Schedule with a Time Audit

#1 Do a Time/Schedule Audit:

What are you doing with your day? Where is all of your time being spent? 
Take a few days to a week writing down how you are currently spending ALL of your time. 

Jot it all down in a notebook or in your planner - doesn't need to be fancy, just keep it visible so you remember to track your time. 

I think we'll all be surprised at the pockets of time that are available to get things done!


#2 Prioritize the items you just wrote down:

List them out from what is most important to you, down to the least important items. Yes, you will have things on there that have to happen (feeding kids/getting groceries/etc). 

Those have to be included on the list since, regardless of your feelings about how much you are in the kitchen, it's reality. 

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#3 Eliminate the unimportant:

This is totally easier said than done. I realize that. So if there are things you can’t eliminate with one swift crossing-off-the-list motion, figure out the steps you need to take to get that unimportant, time-stealing item off your list. 

If you can cross something off though right away- oh my word, DO ITTTTT!!!

#4 Figure out hacks for the things that are MUSTS (but you don’t entirely love!):

Hate grocery shopping? Order online & pick up your groceries. Or, better yet, have them delivered!

Not a fan of vacuuming? Get a robot vacuum (ps. There are less expensive brands that work great!!)

Tired of cleaning up the toys Create a toy rotation system!!

Be creative, even if it's a little unconventional or people think you're weird. Who cares!! This is about what works for YOU - not what works for someone else!

Prioritize your Schedule with a Time Audit

#5 Create systems for everything else:

I’m really talking about the things that have to stay on the list, but there aren’t great hacks for. 

Such as meal planning (although technically there are hacks for this!), but if you don’t want to pay for something like eMeals, then you have to create a system that makes it easy to get the meal planning done.

I do “themed” days for my week to make these other must-do items happen. Mondays are for planning, Tuesdays are for errands, and so on. This is a huge help when it comes to getting tasks done, but not feeling like I have a huge amount to-do every single day. Because there is already a plan for it. 


Yes, some of these may seem silly, not your style, whatever... but ya know what?!?? You (and I!) have to find creative ways to hack those “must-dos” to create time for the things we WANT to do. 

I hope you’re looking forward to looking at this next weeks schedule. Evaluating how you’ve been spending your time, and how you plan to spend it better. 

Grab a printable weekly planner (pictured below) in the resource library to help you get rid of all those extras/unnecessary to-dos, and maybe even do something fun for YOU!!


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