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Essential Gear for watching your kid's outdoor sports!

Getting to watch your kiddos do their thing on the sports field (or court!) is always super exciting. And you've likely figured out all the gear your little, or not so little, one will need for the season. But you may be asking, what do I need for this season?!? Lucky you! Here is a great list of Essential Gear for watching your kid's outdoor sports!


Food is always high on our priority list - your's too😅?! Here are all the things we found were super important to make sure we've got enough snacks or meals during the kid's games.

1) A Cooler big enough to fit food for all 7 of us, but portable!

We went with a Yeti bag for our "big cooler" for sports weekends, or for those week night games when we need to pack dinner for everyone. 


You can actually fit quite a bit in these bags & still be able to carry it with the shoulder strap. You'll definitely want to grab some quality ice packs for this to keep your snacks & meals cool all day (& night) long!

2) Folding bag for "Dry Food"

Depending on how much food you are bringing, you may want to have a "dry food" bag on hand to easily pack things like bread, bagels, goldfish, popcorn, sunflower seeds, & maybe even some candy!


These bags are great because they hold their shape & will offer some protection for your stuff that could get squished! 


3) Water bottles

We (aka my hubby) are big fans of Yeti products - they keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot! Also, I don't love paying for water bottles at the concessions stands if we can easily pack our own! These will help save you some money in the long run since we all know how spendy all these activities can be! 


I also love the fact the a lot of the lids are interchangeable for the water bottles. If you're a straw person, you can have a straw, if you like just opening the top, there's a lid for that too!



Depending on what sport you’re watching, you'll either want a good bleacher seat, or folding chair. We've got both😜👍🏻😅!


4) Bleacher Seats

You can go with a bleacher seat with a back that "clips" on to the bleacher itself, or a backless foam type seat that just rests on top.


5) Folding Chairs

There are about a million an one designs of these out there, but we really like this style:


It's got cup holders, a phone holder, no bag (to lose or rip trying to get the seat folded & put away) plus, it's a rocker! We're big fans of these and I'm confident you'll love them too!!

Along with keeping the seats in the car, it's a good ideas to have a couple blankets in as well. At least one to keep you warm (see a bestseller below!), and another for littles to sit on the ground or cold bleacher with!


6) Umbrellas/Canopies 

It took several sunburns during Fall Ball before we took the plunge and bought a canopy to protect ourselves when at the field all day - but I'm so glad we finally did!

I would say this is more of an extra, than "must have", because you can always get yourself a folding chair with canopy, or even a nice wide brimmed hat.


BUT.... if you can see yourself using a canopy for multiple reasons (camping, multiple kiddos sporting events, parades, or even in the backyard!), then save your money and grab one at the end of the summer. They'll be on sale!!

Speaking of sunburns....

7) Sunscreen & chapstick

Protect yourself & your kiddos - don't forget the sunscreen!! We love the protection (& nice scent!) of the Neutrogena sunscreen. Be sure you grab something that is sweat/water proof - and reapply as needed!


 8) Cash

As much as I like to not spend a bunch at the concession stand, sometimes they just have some things I can't pack - like sno-cones! 

Concession Stand

It's also a great way to support the organization hosting the tournament!