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Shared Bathroom Organization Ideas

In a house where 5 kids share a bathroom, our need for bathroom organization is serious. And as we enter the teenage years with our oldest, it’s necessary! 

Today I'm sharing how we organize our kid’s bathroom easily & affordably.

Shared Bathroom Organization Ideas

Even though we do have five kids that all share a bathroom, we have a very generous amount of storage. Add that to the fact that 4 of the kids are boys, and I think we are good to go!

How to Plan your shared Bathroom Organization

One of the things I do before each organization project is to draw out what I want, in general, our “after” of the space to look like.

I dream up what Pinterest-y changes I can make to the space to make it functional and most importantly, easy to keep up!

It really just helps me lay out my vision and hopes for the space.

The other reason I do this is to give me an idea of the storage space I’m working with and what it will be used for. Plus, I can begin to think about what types of organization containers I might want to use in the space.

While I didn’t do a detailed drawing of the kid’s bathroom drawers, I did do the bathroom cabinets and drawers as a whole. 

Shared Bathroom Organization Ideas

**this is obviously NOT to scale🤪**


Something you can do to be sure all your spaces functional needs are met is making a quick list of everything that needs to happen in the space.

This is an easy way to wrap your head around a project- and maybe even motivate you to get it done!

The functional needs for our shared bathroom for 5 kids are:

  • A place for toothbrushes & toothpaste.
  • a place for our daughter's hair items (brush, detangler, Rubber bands, etc)
  • a place for towels
  • Cleaning supplies
  • backstock (extra toilet paper, soap, shampoo, etc.) 
  • garbage
  • Humidifiers 


Shared Bathroom Organization Ideas: Toothbrushes & Toothpaste storage

Even though we have nice big counters, the idea of having the kid's toothbrushes out on the counters is yucky to me! I just can't. 

So, I've opted to set up a little drawer organizer for each of the kid's toothbrush, toothpaste, and what-not (and chalkboard labels too, of course!!). 

Shared Bathroom Organization Ideas











This is what we've recently switched to, but you could also use a utensil organizer for a super quick option! 

Shared Bathroom Organization Ideas


Shared Bathroom Organization Ideas: Personal Items

Depending on whose sharing the bathroom and their ages, you may or may not need space for personal items. Things like deodorant, personal hair care items, or otherwise. 

Since our daughter will likely eventually have all sorts of things she'll need storage for, I went ahead and gave her her own drawer. And even though she only has some lip gloss and a few hair items, I know this will pay off in the future!! 

The boys aren't quite in need of personal item space yet, and they likely will only need space for deodorant, cologne, and maybe something else?? I don't know, what do teenage boys need?!?!

Shared Bathroom Organization Ideas

I used the same little drawer organizers for our daughter's personal items that I used in the toothbrush/toothpaste drawer.


Shared Bathroom Organization Ideas: Towel Storage

There are a couple of ways you could approach the towel situation in a shared bathroom: 1) everyone has their own color of towel & washcloth, or 2) the kid's bathroom has a certain color towel (no one has their own color of a towel). 

We've gone with option 2. The kid's bathroom towels are all white, mostly so I can bleach them and get them super clean! Eventually, I will be switching the whole house to white towels for this reason. 

No matter what towel option you choose for your shared bathroom you will definitely want a place to hang the towels! 

Shared Bathroom Organization Ideas

I would personally suggest something that has individual hooks. That way no one's towel is sliding off the towel bar and ending up on the floor!! 

My hubby made the Towel Rack above so that we had enough hooks for each of the kid's towels. I may eventually put a little nameplate or number above the hook so they know whose towel is whose... we shall see! 

Shared Bathroom Organization Ideas: Cleaning Supplies

The goal here will be that THE KIDS are cleaning their own bathroom.... but for now, mom sometimes has to help. 

To make it a little bit quicker, I like to have the cleaning supplies on hand, in that specific space so I can get in, clean it, and get out! 

Shared Bathroom Organization Ideas

This little caddy is from Wal-Mart and may have been $1-ish?? I know you can also find these same style caddy at Dollar Tree. Or, if you're not able to find one at either of those places, here is an online option



Shared Bathroom Organization Ideas: Back Stock & Extra Supplies

It's a good idea to plan at least somewhere for extra TP to go, ya know! 

We've set aside the bottom drawer for the extra TP, extra soap, shampoo, and any other extras we may stock up on. 

Shared Bathroom Organization Ideas

If your kids are tiny little nuggets that like to get into things, I would suggest keeping the extra supplies out of reach or in another room altogether;)!


Shared Bathroom Organization Ideas: Garbage

I'm a fan of keeping these types of things out of sight, so the garbage can goes under one of the sinks. But if you don't have enough storage, you can hide the garbage can next to the toilet. 


Shared Bathroom Organization Ideas: Other Items

We also store the kid's humidifiers in the bathroom. But since they don't get used all that often, they are tucked in behind the garbage and the cleaning supplies. 


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Shared bathroom Organization Ideas


Setting up an organized shared bathroom space, even for a bunch of kids, is totally simple and totally doable!


These are the shared bathroom organization ideas that have worked well for our big family, but what have you found that works for you??

Shared bathroom organization ideas

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