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Clean Kitchen Hacks for Busy People

Do you ever feel as though that the kitchen is the heart of the home, but it’s also like the set of an action film? Things are flying everywhere, piling up behind you as you walk away with the potential to burst into flames?

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    Just my house? Awesome. With a full size family like mine, 7 people, 5 kids, the kitchen is the busiest room in our home. And without a doubt can become the messiest of them all.

    Thankfully I have 5 super simple strategies to share to keep the chaos under control and keep a clean kitchen.


    #1: Use Paper Plates

    Don’t judge me on this, but it seriously is one of the things that helps me the most to keep a clean kitchen! Most people’s struggle when getting their kitchen clean is getting the dishes done and out of the way.

    What if you didn’t have all those dishes? How nice would it be to walk into your kitchen at dinner and not have to clean it before you cook?

    You can use paper platesfor all the meals in your home each day. Or do what we do and just use them for breakfast and lunch. Either way, cleanup is quick. Then you can move on to more important things to do with your time instead of cleaning your kitchen.


    #2: Minimize the number of Dishes you have

    This might seem a little crazy too, but it seriously helps keep the kitchen from getting overwhelmingly dirty.

    Keep one set of dishes per person in the cabinet. So if you have 5 people in your family keep 5 Dinner Plates, 5 bowls, and 5 cups. Everyone will have what they need come dinner time (especially if you are using paper plates the rest of the meals).

    The purpose for doing this is 1) to make sure dishes aren’t piling up & 2) to make cleanup a breeze.

    You don’t have to completely get rid of the dishes that aren’t staying in the cabinet. If you like to entertain you can find some other, out of reach from the kitchen, place for them to live until you have company over.

    It won’t work to just tell your fam they only have 1 plate each, you have to actually remove the extra.

    Otherwise, if someone needs a plate, you know they are reaching into the cupboard to get it out versus quickly washing a dirty one. That is strategy #2 for keeping a clean kitchen.

    #3: Run your dishwasher every night

    As soon as dinner is over, even though vegging out would be way more fun, hop up and clean up that kitchen! If you’re employing strategies 1 & 2, this should be a breeze for you.

    Load your dishwasher, if you have one, and set it to run overnight while you are asleep.

    Now, I realize you can just start it right then. But it’s almost like you have cleaning fairies in your kitchen if you run it while you sleep. Plus, if some extra dishes need to get added at the last minute you aren’t half way through a cleaning cycle.

    If you do not have a dishwasher, I would just use paper plates for all 3 meals!

    It’s totally okay to give yourself a break, mama. Don’t feel guilty about that one little bit!

    **Pro-tip;): Make sure you’ve unloaded your dishwasher before dinner. so that's not the hang up that keeps you from running your dishwasher at night & keeping a clean kitchen!

    #4: Meal Prep as much as you can!

    This is a bit more of an involved strategy. Because you have to have a meal planned & already got your groceries, but it will absolutely help you keep a clean kitchen!

    The difference is this, you can mess up your kitchen once during the week, or every night. I'd pick just once, every time.

    The thing that’s awesome about meal prepping is that it will definitely help you keep a clean kitchen. But it will also save you so much time on those busy weeknights!! And what mom doesn’t need help saving time and cleaning??!!

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      #5: Get yourself a yummy candle, or a diffuser to finish off your clean kitchen

      There is something about having a clean kitchen plus having it smell nice that makes the whole home feel wonderfully clean! Find a candle or get yourself a diffuser & oils that you can use once the kitchen is cleaned up.

      You will find it is so relaxing to have the kitchen done and be able to sit down & relax at the end of the day with your hubby + a nice smell going on in the background.

      Now you have five strategies to get and keep a clean kitchen. Use paper plates, reduce the number of dishes, run that dishwasher every night, meal prep & get yourself something yummy smelling for the kitchen!

      Not only will you love to end your day with a clean kitchen, but waking up to a clean kitchen will be a great way to start your busy day!

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      • These are such great tips! I am so forgetful about running the dishwasher, plus my kids are always accidentally opening it and then I have to rerun it like half the time! I do make more of an effort to keep my counters clean, and I even get a professional granite countertop cleaning every few months. It really keeps my counters shiny and makes my kitchen look so much cleaner! I love your idea about having a candle in the kitchen- I’m going to start doing that!


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