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Easy Chore Chart System for Kids

Easy Chore Chart for Kids

Everyone has been at home so much more in the past year than ever before. Making it ever clearer that the more everyone is home, the messier home gets! While I have loved having my five babies home more, it's clear that some sort of chore system is an absolute must just for our family to function. Today I'm sharing our family of 7's Easy Chore Chart System for the kids!

Hopefully this will be helpful tool for you too! I believe it will not only teach your kids how to be responsible in their own spaces, it will also help them be great contributors to your household. 

Easy Chore Chart System for Kids

Our Chore Chart system consists of both Daily Chores and Helper Chores. The Daily Chores are things that are their own personal responsibilities, while the Helper Chores are things that contribute to the household. 

All five of the kids have the same Daily Chores/Tasks:

  • make bed
  • get dressed
  • eat breakfast
  • put away bins (each of the kids have a bin that holds their clean clothes and toys/misc items found downstairs)
  • pick up room

Our goal is to always have these daily tasks completed before we get started with school in the morning - but we certainly aren't perfect in this area. And that is A-okay!

In addition to the Daily Chores, the kids also are responsible to doing a Helper Chore.  This chore is something that helps our whole house  - not just the person doing the chore.

While I prefer these get done immediately after Daily Chores each morning, that too, does not always happen. I'm all for progress over perfection though, so sometimes these Helper Chores don't get done until late morning or early afternoon.

Each of these Helper Chores gets rotated through all of the kids - so they all get to help with each of these chores at some point.

Here are some ideas for "Helper Chores" (& the ones we use in our home)

  • unload dishwasher
  • load dishwasher
  • wipe counters (after meals)
  • bring dirty laundry from kids bathroom to laundry room
  • clean up after dogs outside

As far as choosing Helper Chores for your kids, I would highly recommend something that actually helps you! 

What Are Good Chores for Kids?

Here's the thing, your kids no matter how old they are, are super capable of helping in some way. Yes, of course your little may not clean the windows as well as you could, but they will eventually get there. And, honestly, any help you can get is good help!

So yes, while some chores are more age appropriate than others, you can still get your kids in the habit of helping around the house. 

We have never been ones to wait to have our kids help until they are a "certain age". They are helping in some form or fashion as soon as they can - even little tiny ones can put their toys away! It's important to teach them to contribute while they are still young, so they are contributing when they get older.

Here are all the things that kids could help you with around the house:

    • Dishes - unloading/loading dishwasher/hand-washing/putting away
    • Laundry - sorting/folding/putting away/switching load over/starting 
    • Floors - vacuuming/mopping
    • Dusting
    • Cleaning Windows
    • Outside - weeding/mowing/raking leaves/deadheading plants

I'm sure there are many more chores that I'm not thinking of. But like I said before, you've got to choose what works best for your kid's ages, but that is also helpful to you!


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How do I implement a Chore System?

Getting a chore chart system up and running is actually pretty easy - once you've decided the chores that your kids will help with. I love printables & there is no shortage of Printable Chore Charts available to you online. 

While there are dozens, hundreds, or probably actually thousands of Printable Chore Charts out there, I would recommend getting a fully Editable + Printable Chore Chart - especially if you have multiple kids!

Editable Chore Charts (or other printables) give you the ability to change text, colors, and even position of some items on your printable!

Editable Chore Chart

This Chore Chart is one that my family uses (& loves!) because we can change the colors of the name + days of the week to suit each kiddos tastes. And it helps me quickly see whose chores are getting done and whose aren't!

The other thing that we do with these Editable Chore Charts that I think is a total must is laminating them! I love the ability to be able to customize the Printable to the way I want, and then laminate it so I don't need to print a new one each week! We put all of our clipboards in a cute basket in the kitchen so they are easy to see and easy to remember to deal with. 

 Alright my friend, take a moment and think about how your kids can be helpers around the house. Once you have your list of Daily & Helper chores for them, you'll need to make them want to check off all those chores with a super snazzy Chore Chart.

Don't stress out if the kids aren't doing all the things perfectly from day one. It will take time to figure out what works best for your family within your family's day to day schedule.

Even if it takes time, I'm sure this Easy Chore Chart System for kids will work for your family! Good luck and let me know how it goes!!


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