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Why you need to Declutter your House

 Decluttering Benefits

Most moms would probably say that decluttering sounds like an awful process that we just do not have extra time for. On the flip side though, I'm pretty sure that we'd all like to spend more time actually hanging with our kids and hubby, than worrying about all the "stuff" we have to do.

But, when our possessions and "stuff" outnumber our hours in a day & physical capabilities, it's time to get real.

Us mamas are busy, busy, busy. And it seems we are always looking for solutions to make our life easier. Or maybe that's just me! Being a mom to 5 & managing all there is to do at home can get super overwhelming!

But here's the key to NOT going crazy at home:


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You can call it minimalism, purging, simplifying, whatever. But I'm telling you there are decluttering benefits galore to have less stuff!

Here are 8 reasons why you need to Declutter your House, NOW!:


1) You will free up more of your precious time!

If your stuff is taking the majority of your day to manage, then you probably have too much stuff!
For example: if your dirty laundry pile is beyond ever catching up on, then maybe you need to reduce the number of clothes everyone has and implement a manageable laundry routine.
Or if you find you are constantly in the kitchen doing dishes or trying to clear your counters with no success, then maybe you need to pass on or pack up some of your dishes!
And one of our biggest struggles of all? Toys. We gotta tame that beast, mama!
And why are we doing this to ourselves? There are so much more important things to do that don't involve laundry, dishes or anything that requires a wipe.
If the "stuff" that needs to be done is too much, because there is so much clutter in your home, then the other stuff, the good stuff, is taking a back seat to things that are pretty unimportant in the grand scheme of it all.


2) Your house will be easier to clean + stay straightened up more often!

Every mom, whether she works at home or works out of the home, has a full plate.
Regardless of being a mom at home or not: dishes need to be done, laundry cleaned, and people fed.
All the while the kids are likely making a mess with all their toys.  
When you have thoroughly decluttered your home and the kid's stuff, there is less opportunity for your stuff to make an appearance on your floor, bed, counters, etc.
Because there's just less.

3) You can actually get around to cleaning

I don't know about you, but when I decide I need to clean, like really CLEAN, I sometimes have to straighten up first.  
By the time I actually get that finished I am exhausted & never get around to the cleaning of our house.
If you have de-cluttered like a rock star, you will actually be able to get around to the cleaning tasks that "should" probably happen weekly.

4) When you do have to pick-up, it will be a Ga-zillion times easier

If every item in your home has a very specific place to be, it will be a breeze to pick up.
You'll know it's time to go through your items again when you have to shuffle things around to find a place for them.
If it does not have a specific home, then it should be passed on.
Plus, your kids will know where all their stuff goes as well. This will make your life so much easier because cleaning their rooms will be a breeze for them!

5) You can actually relax at the end of the day

How many evenings have you put the kids to bed only to work on laundry, dishes, or picking up the house?
What if you were able to put the kids to bed, sit down with your honey and watch a movie with a glass of wine - with the dishes done, laundry caught up & house picked-up?  

Are you convinced as to why you need to declutter your house??

Yes?! Good! Because that's what de-cluttering can do for you!
Decluttering your home reduces how much "stuff" you have and it makes what you do have left easy to pick-up and put away.  Leaving you with extra time on your hands at the end of the day.
Amen, mama, amen!

6) You can have a gathering without intense picking up + cleaning beforehand

This may not be a plus for everyone, but for me and my family of 7, this is huge.  When you have five kids that are still young and want to have family birthday parties, this is a big deal (and I love to have family over for holidays too!).
I can tell you with absolute certainty that having people into your home after going thru the whole home decluttering process is so.much.easier.
Instead of having to first straighten up, then get to the cleaning, you're just diving right into the cleaning. Which means you won't be sweating once guests arrive!

7) Decluttering will get easier the more you do it

The whole decluttering process is pretty awesome. You get to see results, basically from the get-go.
The first drawer or shelf you clean off is just a catalyst for you to move on to the next. It's comparable to the snowball method of paying off debt.
Once you gain some momentum, it'll just get that much easier! It's a big job to go through your entire home and all your stuff.
You'll have to make ruthless decisions about every item. But the more you look at everything, you'll find that making a decision on whether you truly need something won't be so hard.

8) Your family will (hopefully🤞🏻) catch the decluttering bug

After seeing how much easier your day-to-day life is becoming, I guarantee that your husband will notice.  
He'll see the time that you have gained from decluttering your house. And he'll probably be more than happy to join in if he didn't from the get-go.
But, your husband is not the only one affected by all this awesomeness!  The kids will also see how much easier it is to keep their stuff picked up & clean. And, added bonus, you won't have to nag them about picking up every 3 minutes.
It's also safe to say that extended family will notice how clean your home is every time they're over. They may just want to know your secrets!!

Your time at home with your family is precious. It should not be spent only on constantly picking up.  If you declutter your home you are going to get back more time each & every day!

Maybe even get some extra time for just you!! Your home will become a relaxing place and you won't look around & feel overwhelmed by all you have to do.


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