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How to Reduce the Visual Clutter in your Home

It's a new year. You are a decluttering powerhouse. Everything is going awesome and you've taken 3 truckloads of stuff to the donation site.

But things are still looking cluttered... so what do you do???

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You've got to reduce the VISUAL CLUTTER!

 And, don't worry, it's super easy with the following simple tips!! 

I'm a big fan of decluttering and getting rid of excess stuff that takes up not only your physical space but robs you and your family of precious time together.

So #1: if you haven't yet begun the process of decluttering your home and various spaces, you can get a jump on that by checking out the most simple 5 step process to declutter and organize any part of your home!

Okay, so now that you've got the HOW TO DECLUTTER process down, you need to know the following tips that will help keep all the items you do have, looking organized and uncluttered!! 

#1 Use Containers for Everything

One of the best parts of getting a space organized is putting it all back together nicely. And using containers will make each space have that super organized look! 

Containers are your friend, they can house the oddest of shaped items. And keep your items from rolling or falling out of place. 

And best of all, they visually define where your items go and keep everything together!

#2 Use Clear or White Containers

Okay, so now you know why it's important to have the containers, but I don't just want you to buy any color of the rainbow. The stuff inside will already be a multitude of colors, so we can keep the container colors simple. 

**check out my guide on how to choose the right storage and organization containers!**

Just by using a Clear or White container, your space will look more crisp and clean. And will visually seem less cluttered, or visually "lighter" in weight, than a colored container. 

Using white containers will even brighten the space up a bit!! 

How to reduce visual clutter

If you are absolutely set on using a colored container, I would suggest keeping all of your containers the same color for a unified and sharp look. 

 #3 Organize your Containers on the shelf by size

What I mean by this, is that your larger bins or baskets should go nearer to the floor. 

Larger containers, baskets, or bins are visually "heavier". And if you place them higher up on your shelves, they will give a heavy, looming over your head effect. 

Place your smaller organizing containers or bins, nearer the top of your space to keep your space from looking "top heavy".

You can see below how I placed my shelves in my pantry as an example of having the "heavier" or larger bins nearer the floor.

How to Decrease the Visual Clutter of your Spaces

 With that being said, you will have to be mindful of what you need to go in which container, as it works best for your family. 

#4 Everything needs a Home

This really means every.single.item. should have a place it can get put away. And for me, that probably means in a container somewhere.

If there is no container, or nowhere to put the item. You need to decide if the item is really needed or loved. And if it is, you need to create a home for it. 

When items are left out or don't have a very specific place to be put away, it makes the space look visually cluttered...even if it's just one item!!

I'm not talking about items that are decor or intentionally placed - like a coffee/cocoa bar or something (those are SO FUN!!). I'm talking about the random things that need to be put away, but there's no specific place for them......YET!!! 

#5 Clear the Surfaces

This really relates to the tip above, but I'm talking about making sure each and every counter, table, or flat surface is not covered in clutter. 

You may not have every surface clear at all times of the day, cause real life yo'! But taking a few minutes in the evening to clear the clutter (& put it in it's home!) is a super quick way to reduce the visual clutter in your home.

Especially in the places you "live in" the most. Like the kitchen and family or living room areas!


These tips for Reducing the Visual Clutter in your Home are super simple. They won't be helpful quite yet if you need to do a major declutter of your home.

But if you are to the point where you just need to get the finishing touches of the organization done, these are all the things to remember!! 

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