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Simple Meal Planning with Family Favorites Meal Planning List

Meal Planning is crucial to being an organized (or at least attempting!) mom. But it can also be a huge pain in the you-know-whatūüė≥. What you, and I, and every other mom in the history of the world needs is a Simple¬†Meal Planning solution that makes meal planning not feel like the most awful thing in the world! Something that makes the process take just a few minutes, with little brain power needed.

Enter the Family Favorites Meal Planning List!

Free Family Favorites Meal Planning List printable

You don't have to actually have to have a family to use this resource. But if you do have a family, you need this printable! You don't even have to read this whole article - if you want this printable now, just click the picture below!  

How many times have you sat down to meal plan, with all your recipe books, your phone with Pinterest open, just to feel super overwhelmed by all that you *could* make? I'm not saying that's a bad way to meal plan - We use recipe books and Pinterest for ideas too!

But the unfortunate reality, is that many times, our meal plans made from recipe books and yummy looking Pinterest ideas end up going bust before the week is even over. 

So why does this happen??

These are generally new-to-us recipes. They're not our tried and true, or "family favorites". You know, the meals we can make without from memory without actually following a recipe. The ones that we always have ingredients in our pantries and refrigerators. And the ones we know our families (or selves) will love!!

So we either end going back to our family favorites because we just want to make life easier. Or, we haven't planned our meals around our schedules to realize how much time these recipes entail - so we don't have enough time. 

The bummer about all of this, is that is can lead to food waste and is not good for the budget!

How do I create a simple meal plan that I'll actually use?!

This is where your "Family Favorites Meal Planning List" comes in handy! As much fun as it is to try new things, we are all creatures of habit and have our favorites - and that's okay! 

1) Get your Family Favorites Meal Planning List printable (it's free and in the Freebies Printable Library!)

2) Gather up the fam' and have them tell you their favorites. List those out on your new snazzy printable!

3) Check your pantry, fridge, and freezer - what do you already have on hand to make some of those Family Favorites?

4) List out your meals on your Weekly Meal Planner Printable (also FREE and in the Freebies Printable Library!)

5) Enjoy your awesome and simple meal planning solution!!


Once you've got your Family Favorites Meal Planning List printable, meal planning is going to be a breeze! Keep copies of this printable, and some extra blank Weekly Meal Planning printables in a binder for easy meal planning. I love how easy this has made meal planning for me, and how much time I don't spend meal planning each week! 

What will you put on your Family Favorites Meal Planning List??

Family Favorites Meal Planning List Printable FREE


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