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Quick Organizing Tasks

As a mom, you know that getting focused time to do any task can be hard! Or when you get the time, you are just plain exhausted!! Today I’m sharing 20 different organizing tasks that will take 5 minutes, or less, each. That way you can squeak in a quick organizing sesh anywhere in your day! 

Easy Organization Ideas

Get ready to start your timer!!

1. Kids sock drawers

These things, left alone, can get out of hand pretty quick!! Take a few minutes to get rid of old, worn out, or not worn socks- maybe it will even help the kids find a pair quicker (wishful thinker over here😅)

2. Kids Pajamas

if your kid's pajama drawers are like my kids, there are likely pajamas that are 2 sizes too small still in the drawer. Take a couple of minutes to add those to the donate pile!

3. Kids bathroom drawers 

All I can think is toothpaste everywhere, right? Take a few minutes to toss old toothbrushes, empty product containers and do a quick wipe down! 

**if you are really in the mood for organization, check out how we've organized our kid's shared bathroom!**

quick organization tasks

4. Kid's shoes

Basically, anything that has to do with your kid's you could pick a drawer and have at it! Shoes are one of those things that seem to also multiply quickly at our house! Take 5 minutes and quickly sort out what is no longer worn, too-small, or just out of season. 

5.  Desk Surface

Without fail, your desk gets piles of papers, slips, receipts, and whatnot. Quickly sort items into piles of importance/priority. If you can't get to dealing with each individual pile right away, label each one with a sticky note so you know exactly what you need to do with it when you get a chance. 

**see how I've made handling all that paperwork part of my weekly routine**

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6. Kitchen Counters

Yep, this could be a challenge! Set that timer and see how quickly you can clear the counters and get your items put away! Using timers is a great way to motivate yourself to get stuff done!! 

7. Utensil Drawers

This is such a fun, quick, and easy place to start! Sort out what you don't use, what doesn't work, items that don't belong. Once you've cleared out the excess, put away the items you actually use in an organized way and enjoy the beauty of an organized kitchen utensil drawer!

8. Kid's Cups

Oh.My.Goodness. I probably put a minimum of 10-12 cups in the dishwasher every night. We only have five kids and I drink out of a water bottle or coffee cup (okay and a wine glass too sometimes!). How does this happen??!! Our cups have multiplied since my last decluttering session!  

Set your timer and toss the items that are no longer used, not age-appropriate, or just plain excess! Put everything else back in an easy to grab, organized way. 

9. Under the Kitchen Sink

This is somewhat of a black hole in our house. We just don't get into it frequently, other than to throw garbage away. We do have some cleaning supplies that seem to multiply, get knocked over, or get lost to the back of the cabinet. 

Take a few minutes to pull everything out, sort out what is no longer used or needed. Make note of cleaning supply levels and put everything back in an organized way! 

10. Seasonal Dishes

Take a few minutes to look at what you actually used this past season and decide if it's something you plan to use again or if it's worth storing for the next year! Look at platters, plates, serving dishes that have seasonal patterns to see if they are keepers. 

11. "Junk" Drawer

We all have one - and we likely actually use SOME of the items in it. Set your timer and ruthlessly see if you can clear that junk drawer of all the junk! COuld you put the keepers away in a different home and get the drawer back for something else?!?

12. Kitchen Linens (washcloths, towels, etc.)

Clean out the items you no longer use, any excess towels or washcloths, or that are worn-out and not worth storing. 

If you can, roll your towels or "file-fold" them when you put them away so that you can see all that you have. 

13. "His & Hers" bathroom drawers

Toss old products that you no longer use, get rid of expired products and remove items that just don't belong.

Only keep the items in your personal drawer that you use on a daily basis that you want to have handy! 

bathroom organization ideas

14. Medicines/First Aid products

Most of us don't give this area a second thought unless we are looking for something, in which case we are usually thrashing through to find exactly what we are looking for! 

Take some time to get rid of items that you no longer need to use or are expired We flush items down the toilet so that no-one (kids or pets) can accidentally ingest something that shouldn't. 

Be sure you have a safe place to store the items that you are keeping and get them put away in an orderly way. 

15. Extra Toiletries

It's a great idea to keep a back stock of the items that you use regularly in a basket in your bathroom. Just be sure to pass on items that you no longer use.

I'm a big fan of all those cute little travel toiletries, but there is no need to keep 15 bottles of travel shampoo. Get rid of the excess and organize what you are keeping by item into bins or baskets (with labels if you can!)

Bathroom Organization

16. Under Bathroom Sinks 

Just like you did in the kitchen, take a few minutes to toss/recycle empty product containers, take note of what you need more of, and put back the items you are keeping in an organized way (group like items together).

17. Pet Items

We generally keep all of our pet items together in a cabinet in the laundry room. But sometimes they get put away, and never looked at again. Things like medicines, extra leashes collars, or other items that are no longer used can quickly be removed and passed on! 

18. Rags

I'm not alone in the world with this, right?? Other people have extra rags for cleaning and what not? 

If your rag bin/basket is getting out of hand, take a few minutes to get rid of really worn or stained rags. 

Fold the remaining and put them away where they are easy to grab when you need them! 

19. Cleaning Supplies

A lot of times we have all the cleaning supplies scattered about the house - which makes it easier to have what you need handy. But it also means we don't always know where items are. 

Get rid of empty product containers, consolidate what you can, and organize your cleaning supplies into groups by what they do. Or place them in cabinets in the rooms they are used in for quick and easy cleaning.  

20. Refrigerator

If your house is like ours, someone is always in the fridge. Hoping for new snacks to appear! 

Set your timer to quickly pull out rotten items, sauce containers that are nearly empty that no one will use, and expired items.

Do a quick wipe down of any spills in the fridge.

Group the remaining items by type and place them back into the fridge together for easy access! 


These 20 tasks are super quick, but will definitely help get your home quickly organized!! Get your timer out and work through them as you have time. Be sure to grab some more organizational inspiration from the Printables Resource Library - it's FREE!! Just Click below!

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