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3 simple drop-zone systems

Drop Zone Organization

I’ve been thinking recently about the different things that help with the flow of our schedule and home. As in, systems and areas that can help keep your home organized and from completely imploding😅

Because without fail, when kids come home from school, it looks like a tornado has hit your home. They drop their backpacks like a sack of bricks as soon as they enter the front door, only to disappear and leave you tripping over it! *she says from experience* 

Shoes and coats also become dangerous floor decor! And If you are like me, the idea of falling on your face as you enter your home doesn’t NOT sound awesome. 

Here are three ways you can create a simple “drop-zone”, anywhere in your home, so your kids know exactly where to put their stuff (though this does not guarantee it will happen every time). 

 1. Use a simple cube organizer system


You can get these super affordable! Which is one reason I love using these in drop zone areas!

 Plus, you can find them to match nearly any decor color scheme you have going on. And put them in any room, entry or otherwise, of your home! 

Pick out matching bins, or even give your kids the option to pick their own color so they know exactly which bin is theirs when it's time to put away backpacks, shoes, and lunch boxes! 

Using a Cube Organizer is a great way to store all those items that sometimes seem to not have a place to go somewhere else in the house. Give everyone in your family a cubby to keep all the things organized!!


 2. Use a Peg Board Wall system


This is what we have recently done in our "office/mudroom/extra room".  We have a wall that my husband added a full sheet of pegboard to that now houses both backpacks and sports bags. 

There are hooks for everybody's backpack and we recently made some room for baseball bags, t-ball bags, and what-not. 

Since this room is right off of the front door,  this works easily for the kids to get everything put away when we go inside (and I, of course, usually have to remind them to hang up all their things).

(Just off to the side we have space for their shoes)

The thing that's fun about a peg board is that you can really set it up in a variety of ways - and of course, change it up as needed.

The cons for a peg board drop zone area, is that it is much more "permanent" than a shelf or cube organizer is (if you don't like to see all the backpacks out, it may not be the right system for you). 

3. Last but not least, a coat rack

We used to use this one my hubby made...



But as more kids began to have bags for school and sports, we switched up to the pegboard system. And I didn’t want that awesome coat rack to break from all their stuff!

Using a simple coat rack is a FAST and simple way to get a drop zone created and some organization in place!

I love that you don't need a lot of space to install a coat rack, but you get an instant feeling of organization! 

Getting backpacks, sports bags, and their coats up and off the floor is a busy mom's dream come true - tell me I'm not alone in this!! 

All three of these systems are relatively simple to “install” and are even fairly inexpensive. The costs that you will have, are far outweighed by that awesome feeling of organization satisfaction that you will have!! I know you want some more simpleness and organization in your home. Creating a drop zone area and system is a great place to start. You may even already have everything you need to get started right now!!

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