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Summer Bucket List

Lists may be my love language - I’m not sure if that’s a thing. But I’m going with it!

Making lists is one way that I love to keep myself organized and do all.the.things. as a busy mom to 5 kiddos.**

**as well as having many routines to keep it all together!!**

Summer Bucket List

But want to know what my most favorite type of list to make is?!?

A Summer Bucket List!!

At the beginning of each and every summer break my kids and I sit down and fill a sheet of paper with all the fun family activities we’d like to do while we are on summer break.

Summer Bucket List

Making a Summer Bucket List is one of my favorite things to do, and here’s a few reasons why I think you’ll like it too!


Summer Bucket Lists are a great way to connect with your kiddos.

Brainstorming all the fun you want to do with the kids is so much fun in and of itself, let alone the actual summer bucket list activities!! 

Your kids will love to share all of their ideas, big or small, to add to the summer bucket list.

Not only will they love being heard, but you will also love to hear all their fun ideas: wacky, grand, or otherwise😬!!


Summer Bucket Lists can help your family from getting stuck in a rut.


I’ll be the first to admit that we spend many of our weekends cleaning or doing projects. Often we will end up spending many weekends in a row doing this... and sometimes it means we don’t do activities as a family for many weeks on end. 


Not so awesome. 


A summer bucket list can help keep you from falling into these same types of patterns. 


It’s fun to have fun, ya know!! 


You will create some amazing memories!


Not everything on your Summer Bucket List has to be big and extravagant.

Maybe your kids would love to spend some time picking blueberries (mine do!)?

Maybe a visit to a new park would fill their little hearts with joy!

Or have a Lego building contest?

Or a super-special “camping trip” in the living room.

Often it’s the little things that kids will remember, and those things don’t have to break the bank.  

I know you’re sold now😉 time to go make some memories with your most favorite people!! Grab your Summer Bucket List Printable below!! 

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