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Easy Morning Cleaning Routine for Busy Moms

Easy Morning Cleaning Routine for Busy Moms

Easy Cleaning Routine for Busy Moms

It must be said, I think, that a busy mom is a mother. A busy mom is a mom that stays at home with her kids and doesn't work. A busy mom is also a mom that works full time. A busy mom is a mom who works part-time, or full-time out of her home while her children are napping. My point is: if you are a mom - YOU ARE A BUSY MOM!!! 

There is always more to-do than available time. That's part of the gig. But, there are things that you can make easier on yourself so it doesn't feel so hard all the time. And one of those things is an Easy Morning Cleaning Routine for Busy Moms! 

So what is an Easy Morning Cleaning Routine for Busy Moms??

Basically, it's a super shortlist of 3-5 tasks you will do EVERY.SINGLE.MORNING. that help you feel like your house isn't going to implode by 10 am. This is something I've been doing for several years now, as a mom to 5 kids (ages 8,8,10,13,15), that has helped me immensely on a day to day basis!!  

How to decide what you will do for your Easy Morning Cleaning Routine?

Here's how I would, and did, look at what I needed on my Morning Cleaning List: Ask yourself what are the things that, if done daily, would help you to feel more at peace in your home. 


I realize that this list could be daunting if you really wrote out all the things that would be nice to have done... so let's not think about having a perfectly clean house, even if that would be lovely! 

  • What if, on a daily basis, you had 1-2 loads of laundry that made it through the wash and all the way to put away?
  • What if, on a daily basis, your kitchen was mostly clean? As in, minimal dishes on the counter and in the sink? 
  • What if, on a daily basis, your floors were generally picked up and relatively clean? 

Easy Cleaning Routine for Busy Moms


What if all these things were done, on a daily basis, how would you feel? Would it feel less stressful to be at home? Would you feel like you could take some time to relax, or play with your kiddo, or just watch a Christmas movie because that's what YOU want to do??

So what is a realistic cleaning schedule for moms?

For a starting point for you, here is my Easy Morning Cleaning Routine

  1. Empty Dishwasher - this way I can load dirty dishes back into it as I go about my day (I have my kids help with this also as part of their daily helper chore!)
  2. Start a load of laundry - the goal is always to get this load to the point of being put away. If I do more, awesome, if not, at least I've done one all the way through. 
  3. Wipe Kitchen Counters - basically, get everything put away from breakfast and wipe down the counters so I'm ready for the rest of the day. Because you and I know how much time we spend in here!!! 
  4. Empty Bobbert - Bobbert is the name of our robot vacuum😅, and I try to make sure he's ready to go and get his work done every morning by 9 am - this is also something the kids can easily help with! (Prior to getting one of these robot vacuums, this to-do list item was a quick sweep/vacuum of the main living areas & kitchen. Basically wherever we, as a family, spend the most time.)

Honestly, if you are able to accomplish all of those tasks in the morning, you'll already feel like you're ahead of the game. But, if you don't get to your easy morning cleaning routine, then you'll feel behind!

Then, as you feel up to it, add in all those big extra cleaning tasks, like cleaning toilets, changing sheets, washing windows and what not! 

So, what's going on YOUR easy morning cleaning routine??!!??

I'm a big fan of Printable Planners to keep myself and my big family organized - and I believe they can help you get into good habits and feel more organized with all those to-dos as a busy mom! 

Here is the BEST planner for moms to get organized, that includes weekly cleaning & decluttering tasks!!Use the am tasks & pm tasks sections to list out your easy morning cleaning routine and check-off every day!!!

Just click the picture below to find out more information on this awesome planner!


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