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5 Steps for getting out from underneath the clutter!

You are busy.

I don’t need to remind you of that.

You run a busy home and active family.

And trying to keep it all together and organized is like having a second job!

You know you would save so much time each day if you were just able to get your home organized! But you need help knowing how to even get started, and, hopefully, eventually finished!

This blog is just for you friend. To give you a place to start. To help you decide on a decluttering schedule, so you can begin to live the life you want every day!


Here are the 5 steps you need to take to get our from underneath the clutter!

1. Decide how much time you are going to decluttering each and every day. 

Unfortunately, just hoping something will get decluttered and organized won’t make it happen (if only!). 

You’ve got to put in the time if you want your home easier to manage. 

But here’s the great thing: the time you put in now, you’ll get back later!

So the first thing you need to do is decide how much time you are willing (& is realistic for you) to give to decluttering every day until the job is done.

You would be surprised at how much you can actually get done in a focused 20-30 minutes!!

Pro tip: set a timer- it’s a huge motivator!!

2. Figure out, specifically, what time each day you are going to work on decluttering. 

This may seem unimportant, but it will actually be a huge part of your success!

Make decluttering an important appointment with yourself (and your home) every day!

And done break that appointment! 

If getting your home decluttered and ultimately organized is important to you, then you have to make sure you commit to this time just for decluttering!


 3. Create an “areas to declutter” list

It’s one thing to look around and just think about what you need to declutter and organize. And it’s a whole other thing to actually put the work in and start doing it but seeing drawers, closets, shelves all in need of decluttering and organizing can be super overwhelming! 

Instead of looking at the big picture...your whole house, make a list of areas to declutter so you can attack the clutter bit by bit.

It’s much easier to commit to attack a specific, small area than it is to look around your entire home at all the places that need your attention.

Grab a piece of paper and get to making that list! It will feel so awesome to get all those decluttering “to-dos” out of your head and on paper!! 

 4. Prioritize your list

Take your list and figure out the order in which you are going to attack it. 

One thing I would suggest, especially for busy mamas, is to attack those “high traffic” areas first. 

Specifically the kitchen, the laundry/clothing, and of course, toys! 

These are the areas where you most likely are spending a bunch of your time throughout the day. 

And to have these areas organized is🙌🏻!

Or, you can go through your list and figure out what could give you some quick and easy decluttering wins. Jobs that are simple, fast, and have been nagging at you to get done!

5. Get to work!!

It’s go time mama - time to put these steps in action!!  

 Here are the tools you’ll need to really get going:

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    This is where you are going to plug in your decluttering schedule/appointment. 

    Once you have it all filled in, hang it where you will see it every day. Lookin’ straight at ya, reminding you to get to decluttering!


    List out all those decluttering and organizing projects on a sheet of notebook paper, then prioritize your list!

    Hang your decluttering list near your weekly schedule so you can check off all of your decluttering accomplishments!

    Alrighty, it’s go time!! Figure out how much time you will dedicate to decluttering and when it will happen each and every day. Be sure you grab your Printable Weekly Planner from the Resource Library and Plug it into your Weekly schedule! Then get that list made of ALL of the areas you need to declutter and prioritize it! 

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